Saturday, July 14, 2007

My journey - Stop 1 - Malaysia

After reading jason post of how he feel New York, i decide to write my journey from Malaysia to Portland, US. Malaysia is the first stop in my life where i spend most of my time growing up.

what I really miss about Malaysia:
1. hanging out with friends at mamak store till mid night
2. eat dim sum at breakfast
3. get a ramly burger on the street for supper
4. stuck in the traffic jam
5. shopping at mid valley, sunway pyramid and one-utama
6. foods- especially chao kuey teow, nasi lemak, laksa, roti canai, chicken rice, bah ku teh.
7. sing karaoke all night long
8. kill my time at "pasar malam" (something like a night street market)
9. take a cold shower in the super hot day
10. watch chinese program on tv

I will visit malaysia in Nov, I will post some photos to the list above. Here are some snap shot i got:

shop on the corner in Ipoh

Petronas Twin Towers is the world tallest building since 1998.

tropical forest, shot it from Genting Highland.


Phillip Cho said...

take me next time u go.

Phillip Cho said...
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